AWAYTOMARS: collaborative fashion brand that unites 718 designers from 85 different countries

For their Collection 718, AWAYTOMARS have decided to collaborate with renowned photographer Gleeson Paulino to showcase his vision of the world. “Sometimes it can be difficult to feel a sense of belonging to a single country, when there is so much to experience out there. Through the sharing of experiences, creativity flourishes. It is an essential process of diversification

Frolov SS ’18 is provoking plunge into the sexual nostalgia of 2000s

Unlike his colleagues in Kyiv, Frolov delivers heinous maximalism combining transparent lurex and lace, velvet and translucent shiny textiles.  At the same time, his vision of luxury and sex appeal is disruptive; its deconstructed, unisex aesthetic can be easily put together with an everyday hoodie or t-shirt. Intelligent provocation is his motto; just like his collection,

Technical aesthetics of Yulia Yefimtchuk+ SS’18

Combining Soviet innovations with modern day aesthetics Ukrainian designer Yulia Yefimtchuk+ applies details from contemporary workwear and uniforms in her SS18 collection.  The main focus of the collection was manifested in structured military-like jackets, oversized blazers and uniform boiler suits, giving room for the gentle infusion of plisse, seen on dresses and skirts.  For the colour palette, Yefimtchuk

The spectacular style of Jean Genie & Hungry Freaks, Daddy

Designed for the women who are forever self-sufficient and free thinking, whose lifestyle is filled with music around them, introducing Tokyo based contemporary fashion brand Jean Genie & Hungry Freaks, Daddy. Founded back in 2012, designer Shunsuke Ozaki makes garments that are comfortable, and can be incorporated to everyday life. The Fall / Winter 2017

MISBHV x Sita Abellan collab reminisces on the glory days of 2000s rave

If you had to choose the most glorious fashion era in the last century, the early 2000s wouldn’t quite make it to the top.  Known as a mishmash period where popular trends from decades prior were garishly styled, embellished and sugar-coated, the noughties, as we all remember, were pretty much condemned to sartorial hell.  After all, this was a time when sequined tops and velour tracksuits

Turning Japanese with Natalia Alaverdian

With Rei Kawakubo showcasing her retrospective show at Met, fashion world seems to be openly embracing Japonaiserie with all its art and cultural associations.  For A.W.A.K.E the flat surfaces of ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) woodblock prints, which flourished in the Edo period, were at the root of this wave of Japanica. For her Pre-Fall 2017 collection Natalia Alaverdian explores a

Anhet takes shape through the rhythm in Euritmia collection

“Colour is the skin of the world.  One who knows how to appreciate colour relationships, the influence of one colour on another, their contrasts and dissonances, is promised an infinitely diverse imagery.”  Sonia Delaunay’s quotes are making a strong statement for letting colour thrive in one’s surrounding aesthetics.  In some part, Delaunay unravels the problematic relationship between fashion

Interview: Alisa Kuzembaeva – futuristic details & feminine touch

Known for her peculiar sculptural forms that are completed with bold textures, Russian-born Alisa Kuzembaeva has her own personal understanding and sense of fabrics. Her style reflects the combination of futuristic details and feminine touch. Alisa Kuzembaeva graduated Moscow Architectural Institute and decided to become a fashion designer by entering British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. After studying fashion

Each x Other take on traditional Mexican designs

Design collective Each x Other has decided to take a journey to Mexico for their Pre-Fall 2017, taking its urban consumer into territories where traditional design, tarot cards, Mayan aesthetic and contrasting prints all came together. Poems from in-house artist Robert Montgomery were translated into Spanish and printed on sweatshirts and jackets or embroidered onto the sleeves and

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