All play and no work: can humans benefit from robots in the workplace?

Most popular economic theories say that technological change comes in waves: one innovation quickly triggers another, creating the glitches from which new industries, startups and jobs are being born.  Steam power blasted off the industrial revolution, and just like that, since the 1990s an immerse number of digital and software creations have transformed our daily life into complete futuristic picture of tomorrow.  But

Photo or it didn’t happen: the populist mantra of social media age

Beginning in the 20th century with the evolution of image-driven media, images have been influencing on how we participate in the economy.  Not only have images shaped the advertising and the various means of persuasion, but more affordable and more accessible image capturing technology made photos and images the lingua franca of the masses.  The global business of creating and circulating

Bi-Located Consciousness: Kill Your Doppelgänger

If you think about it, the marketing potential with doppelgängers could simply be endless. Let’s face it, the future of humanity sales is specifically targeted advertising, personalized to your most secret desires, needs, politics, fetishes, and personal misdemeanors – especially those you so thrive to hide. You know. Your strange fascination with Wes Bentley. Your comprehensive collection of anime figurines. The creepy, but