The Punishment raises questions concerning automation & possible future disobedience

Created by Filipe Vilas-Boas and Paul Coudamy, The Punishment (2017) is an installation in which an industrial robot executes a preventive punishment for its possible future disobedience.  Referring to Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, it is continuously writing “I must not hurt humans”. Researching our fear and fascination with robots and artificial intelligence, Filipe decided

WGSN teams up with the MoMA for its latest fashion exhibit

WGSN has recently announced about their upcoming collaboration with the MoMA for their latest exhibition called Items: Is Fashion Modern? This exhibition will be researching fashion’s impact in the world today.  Through a series of key items, the exhibition is set to explore how ordinary and avant-garde designs have shaped the fashion industry and impacted our

The art of [anti] corruption: poster art competition & exhibition

"The Art of (anti) Corruption" is a year-long series of events implemented by Impact Hub Yerevan in partnership with the European Union in Armenia. Through artistic and cultural interpretations of corruption in Armenia, the Art of (anti) Corruption campaign seeks to raise awareness, educate and shine a creative light on the complicated effects of corruption on

MISBHV x Sita Abellan collab reminisces on the glory days of 2000s rave

If you had to choose the most glorious fashion era in the last century, the early 2000s wouldn’t quite make it to the top.  Known as a mishmash period where popular trends from decades prior were garishly styled, embellished and sugar-coated, the noughties, as we all remember, were pretty much condemned to sartorial hell.  After all, this was a time when sequined tops and velour tracksuits

Listen to a rare live recording of Mika Vainio & Panasonic

Following the recent passing of Mika Vainio, one of the most legendary figures in noise music, Solid Steel Radio has released a live set from Vainio with Panasonic (later known as Pan Sonic) – the group he co-formed with Ilpo Väisänen in Finland back in 1993. Jeff Waye, who set up Ninja Tune’s North American office in 1996,

Antarctic Biennale: art at the end of the world

First proposed by Russian artist, sailor, and philosopher Alexander Ponomarev in 2011, the Antarctic Biennale is an international socio-cultural phenomenon that focuses on artistic, scientific, and philosophic methodologies to address shared spaces such as Antarctica, the Ocean, and of course Outer Space.  Taking place on research ships, the expedition is set to become a vehicle for the generation of art and ideas, a travelling platform

All play and no work: can humans benefit from robots in the workplace?

Most popular economic theories say that technological change comes in waves: one innovation quickly triggers another, creating the glitches from which new industries, startups and jobs are being born.  Steam power blasted off the industrial revolution, and just like that, since the 1990s an immerse number of digital and software creations have transformed our daily life into complete futuristic picture of tomorrow.  But

The blackest ever black is so dark you can’t really see

Hipsters and goths all over the world were crying black tears of joy when, back in 2014, a nanotech company released the blackest ever shade of black in the world. Vantablack absorbed 99.6% of light, but things have been getting a whole lot darker recently. The art world has been struggling in the past three years over the original

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