The Punishment raises questions concerning automation & possible future disobedience

Created by Filipe Vilas-Boas and Paul Coudamy, The Punishment (2017) is an installation in which an industrial robot executes a preventive punishment for its possible future disobedience.  Referring to Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, it is continuously writing “I must not hurt humans”. Researching our fear and fascination with robots and artificial intelligence, Filipe decided

Louvre pulls sculpture, saying it was sexually explicit

The Louvre has withdrawn a large installation by a Dutch art and design collective for being sexually explicit — right on the heels of the Guggenheim’s decision to pull three controversial artworks from its upcoming China show.  The piece — Domestikator by the collective Atelier Van Lieshout, whose outline depicts copulation — was to go on view

Prismverse produces light through geometrically tessellated mirror walls

Designed by XEX for Dr.Jart+, Prismverse is an installation inspired by light traversing through a diamond with Brilliant cut – a kind of cut that produces highest brilliance with maximized light return through its top.  Besieged by number of geometrically tessellated mirror walls, the visuals on the floor, their reflection and omnidirectional sound setup surround the

Evergreen, Searchlight, Rosebud by Margo Wolowiec

In digital world, an image ceases to be a title to an extant object, or a document of a particular event, but becomes an icon, a symbol, an evocation. Images are functioning like language. Any language has a stock of tropes, poetic figures, and common expressions. Regardless of where they originated, what is important is that

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