Anais Paws

AWAYTOMARS: collaborative fashion brand that unites 718 designers from 85 different countries

For their Collection 718, AWAYTOMARS have decided to collaborate with renowned photographer Gleeson Paulino to showcase his vision of the world. “Sometimes it can be difficult to feel a sense of belonging to a single country, when there is so much to experience out there. Through the sharing of experiences, creativity flourishes. It is an essential process of diversification

The Punishment raises questions concerning automation & possible future disobedience

Created by Filipe Vilas-Boas and Paul Coudamy, The Punishment (2017) is an installation in which an industrial robot executes a preventive punishment for its possible future disobedience.  Referring to Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, it is continuously writing “I must not hurt humans”. Researching our fear and fascination with robots and artificial intelligence, Filipe decided

Frolov SS ’18 is provoking plunge into the sexual nostalgia of 2000s

Unlike his colleagues in Kyiv, Frolov delivers heinous maximalism combining transparent lurex and lace, velvet and translucent shiny textiles.  At the same time, his vision of luxury and sex appeal is disruptive; its deconstructed, unisex aesthetic can be easily put together with an everyday hoodie or t-shirt. Intelligent provocation is his motto; just like his collection,

Technical aesthetics of Yulia Yefimtchuk+ SS’18

Combining Soviet innovations with modern day aesthetics Ukrainian designer Yulia Yefimtchuk+ applies details from contemporary workwear and uniforms in her SS18 collection.  The main focus of the collection was manifested in structured military-like jackets, oversized blazers and uniform boiler suits, giving room for the gentle infusion of plisse, seen on dresses and skirts.  For the colour palette, Yefimtchuk

Louvre pulls sculpture, saying it was sexually explicit

The Louvre has withdrawn a large installation by a Dutch art and design collective for being sexually explicit — right on the heels of the Guggenheim’s decision to pull three controversial artworks from its upcoming China show.  The piece — Domestikator by the collective Atelier Van Lieshout, whose outline depicts copulation — was to go on view